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‘Lost’ Season Two Recap: Ep. 13

“The Long Con”

While Locke secures the armory with Jack, Locke suggests they do the same with the medicine and lets Jack know Sawyer has been helping himself–again. Sawyer sees Jack rummaging through his tent, and the two of them face off. Jack says nobody has a “stash,” the drugs are for everyone. Sawyer shoots the doc some daggers.

Flashing back, we see Sawyer in a now familiar scene–in bed with a beautiful woman, rushing out to make a meeting, “accidentally” dropping his briefcase full of cash. Only this time, his mark is on to him. But Cassidy doesn’t call the cops. She wants him to teach her everything he knows.

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Cassidy is a quick learner but she wants to learn the long con. And she knows how they can fund it. Cassidy got a whole lotta cash stored away. We then see Sawyer meet up with his old mentor, Gordie. He’s been playing Cassidy like a fiddle, knowing the whole time there was more money in her. But when Sawyer says he’s having second thoughts Gordie makes the decision real easy for him. Finish the job or, die. Think Sawyer will still do the right thing?

Back on the island, Sawyer tells Kate about the army Jack and Ana Lucia are forming–or trying to, at least. Seems no one is too keen to go to war, especially since the Others have left them alone so far. Or are they? Sun is working alone in her garden when suddenly she is dragged off into the jungle with a hood over her head. Sawyer and Kate follow her screams from the beach and find her bound and unconscious in the jungle. They bring her back to camp where Ana Lucia leads everyone to arrive at the only possible conclusion. The Others are back.

Or are they? Sawyer and Kate smell a rat, especially since Ana Lucia is so anxious to go after them. Locke convinces them it would be best to wait until Sun wakes up to tell them what happened. But Sun being dragged off, just as Jack and Ana Lucia are struggling to build a force to go after them seems mighty coincidental.

Still, everyone is indeed spooked, including Jin who says one just word after Sun wakes up and tells them she didn’t see who took her: “Gun.” Looks like the armory is about to be a popular place. When Jack arrives at the hatch, he finds the armory empty and Sawyer sitting at the computer. Sawyer got there ahead of him and warned Locke that Jack was coming for the guns. It’s obvious these guys are heading for a showdown–but not at the present moment. Jack finds Locke on the beach and demands to be taken to the new hiding place, but Locke doesn’t want to take him there. In the end, it turns out he won’t have to.

Sawyer emerges with a gun over his shoulder. He played Locke and Jack against each other in a con to win control of the guns. He lets the camp know he didn’t appreciate having his things taken while he was away on the raft. But, what the hell, they can keep the shaving cream and batteries. But if anyone on this island needs a gun? They need to come to Sawyer.

And Sawyer didn’t exactly pull this off all on his own. He had some help, namely Charlie, who got in on the con so he could make Locke look foolish. Looks like Jack and Locke each have their own nemesis.

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