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‘Lost’ Season Two Recap: Ep. 2


Now it’s time to see what happened on the raft. A distraught Michael, screaming for his son, starts to drown. Schmuck-turned-hero Sawyer pulls him from the water and revives him while carefully taking stock of their briny situation. It’s not good: Walt’s gone, Jin has disappeared into the sea, Sawyer is bleeding from a gunshot wound to the shoulder, and he and Michael are stuck in the middle of the ocean with just a few pieces of bamboo keeping them afloat–and a shark swimming nearby. Flashing back, we see how Michael came to “lose” his son the first time. In a bitter custody battle with Walt’s mother, Susan, Michael finds himself outgunned legally and financially. And although he is desperate to keep his son, Michael realizes he can’t take care of him. One day in the park, Michael says goodbye to a son he barely knows–and his heart breaks into a million pieces. Back at the hatch, we see the same events from the previous episode but from a different perspective. Locke finds Kate, unconscious. He goes to help her and is confronted by Desmond, who is expecting someone else. He grills Locke, “Are you him?” Locke hesitantly answers yes, but then Desmond asks, “What did the snowman say to the other snowman?” Locke can’t answer. Oops. When Kate wakes up, Desmond tells her to tie Locke up, but Locke tells Desmond about Kate’s fugitive past and succeeds in convincing him to Kate is the one who should be tied up, and he secretly slips her the means to escape. We discover Desmond has been in the hatch for several years and has been entering a sequence of very familiar–and cursed–numbers into a computer every 108 minutes (the sum of the numbers, by the way). What happens if he doesn’t enter the numbers? Hmmm. Floating in the middle of the ocean, Michael blames Sawyer for Walt’s kidnapping and all the issues between the two of them are laid wide open. A massive shark is still circling (and has a curious symbol on its fin), and while Sawyer swims to another part of the raft to float on, Michael shoots the shark. They tie themselves together. At dawn, Michael and Sawyer awake to find themselves pushed back by the current to another part of the island. They stumble ashore, completely unprepared for what they see: Jin running out of the jungle, hands tied behind his back. He yells at them in Korean but they don’t understand. Finally, Jin manages to say “Others!” But it’s too late. There, standing at the edge of the jungle, are five men–with big clubs.

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