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‘Lost’ Season Two Recap: Ep. 20

Two for the Road

Henry was coming for Locke? Ana Lucia and Sawyer have sex? Michael could be one of THEM? What on earth is going on? Obviously, with only a few more episodes to go before the season finale, things need to heat up. And boy, do they ever in this episode.

First of all, Ana Lucia is having some issues with Henry. She tries to get him to talk but gets too close and he attacks her. He hisses that she isn’t one of the “good” ones. But Locke comes in at the last minute and whacks Henry on the head with his crutch. Ana Lucia is reeling–we all know how she doesn’t like to be attacked. Remember the poor schmuck she killed in retaliation after he shot her? Yeah, it’s best not to mess with Ana Lucia.

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In a flashback, Ana Lucia has quit the Force and takes a job in airport security. Then, as fate would have it, as she sits in one of the airport bars, Ana Lucia meets Jack’s dad. Yep, there he is again, drowning his sorrows after losing his medical license. He tells her is going to Sydney, Australia–and then invites her to come along. He says he needs “protection” for what he has to do down under and could use a bodyguard. Whatever that means. Here’s the crazy thing, she goes. But nothing really happens and she ends up leaving him in a bar (where he then runs into Sawyer).

Back on the island, Ana Lucia wants a gun to whack Henry and tries to get Sawyer’s. Right, like he’d just hand that over. So, she tries to beat him up but ends up having sex with him instead. Of course, during their little tryst, she steals the gun. The normally crafty Sawyer never catches on.

Meanwhile, Jack and Kate bring an unconscious Michael back to the hatch. Waiting for him to wake up, Locke has another conversation with Henry in the armory. Locke asks him why he didn’t try to kill him when he was stuck under the blast doors. Henry is much more forthcoming this time, telling Locke he is one of the good ones, and that he was actually coming to take Locke away. But now, he’s failed in his mission and the “man in charge,” a great man, according to Henry, won’t be able to forgive him. Who IS that guy?

Then Michael comes to and he tells everyone he has seen the Others and their camp. He says they live in tents, run around in their bare feet and eat dried fish. And there’s a hatch, which they guard with only two guns. In fact, the camp is mostly older folk and women. “We can take them,” Michael tells Jack, which fires him up. Jack, Locke and Kate gang up on Sawyer and demand the guns. Heated words are exchanged and as Jack reaches for his gun, Sawyer tries to reach for his. But, oops! It’s gone.

Cut to Ana Lucia in the hatch. She opens the armory and throws a knife at Henry’s feet, telling him to cut himself loose. When he does, he stands up. “Is this it?,” he asks. Yep, time’s up. Ana Lucia aims the gun at him, cocks it. But…she can’t do it. She’s done with killing; she doesn’t want to do it anymore.

As she sits outside the armory, cradling the gun, when Michael stumbles in the room. Ana Lucia fills him in about the tale of Henry–and how she was going to kill him, but can’t. Michael excitedly volunteers to do the deed. They took his SON, remember?

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He takes the gun from Ana Lucia, hesitates and then says he’s sorry–right before he shoots Ana Lucia dead. Libby walks in looking for blankets for her picnic on the beach with Hurley, and Michael shoots her, too. Then he opens the armory, looks at Henry and shoots himself in the shoulder. What’s up with him?

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