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‘Lost’ Season Two Recap: Ep. 22

“Three Minutes”

Michael has certainly taken a dark path to save his son–and his actions and consequences are weighing heavily on him. But that’s what this island does to you. It makes you go CRAZY, man!

We get to see what happened to Michael after he runs off into the jungle to go get Walt back. On the computer, Walt (assuming it was Walt he was chatting with) tells Michael to go north, to where there’s a big hole in a rock. But on his way there, Michael runs into Zeke and is taken to their “camp”–a bunch of mud huts by the ocean, with a rock with a big hole in it nearby. At least that part of Michael’s story is true. The Others are indeed living in tents, in tattered clothes, hunting and eating dried fish. Or are they?

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Tied up, Michael is questioned by a woman who calls herself Ms. Clue. She’s very interested in finding out if Michael is really Walt’s father, since he doesn’t seem to know much about his son. Finally, after about a week, Michael is fed up and demands to see Walt. The boy is brought in, looking scared. Walt says they just keep giving him tests and then blurts out the Others are just pretending to live like this. Of course, we already knew that. Remember the cushy environment–sans the tattered clothes and beards–the Others were living in the medical research hatch during Claire’s internment? And the disguises Kate found in the deserted hatch later? Exactly.

Anyway, before Walt is dragged away, he rushes over to Michael, throws his arms around him and begs his dad to help him. Of course, this is killing Michael. Using his pain as a catalyst, Ms. Clue tells Michael he and Walt can go free if he goes back to the Lostie’s camp, sets Henry free and brings back four of its members: Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley. No one else is allowed. She even writes the names down on a list, including writing Sawyer’s real name, James Ford. How would she know that? And why those four?

Now, back on the Lostie side, as the camp is preparing to bury Ana Lucia and Libby, Michael is more determined than ever to organize the group of five and get going. Sawyer believes Sayid should be an obvious inclusion in the little war party, but Michael is adamant. He wants to do it HIS way. Sayid says he understands but later tells Jack he’s pretty sure Michael has been “compromised,” that’s he has been lying in order to save Walt and that they are very likely heading into a trap. Jack doesn’t want to believe it, but it does kind of make sense.

And in other developments, Eko is now a full-blown Hatch employee, which ticks Charlie off since Eko was about the only ally Charlie had. But maybe a reconciliation with Claire is in the works after he gives her a case full of that mysterious vaccine she was desperate to have. Where did he find it? And what on Earth does the vaccine protect against? They just haven’t explained ANY of that yet, dammit. Charlie also finds that extra stash of heroin in Sawyer’s tent–and throws it all into the ocean. Good for him. Also Locke looks to be leaving for awhile, taking off his splint and walking off into the jungle. He isn’t a happy camper these days.

But like most things on this island, all those stories will have to wait. We’ve got a new topic for discussion now. And it’s sailing straight for the island…

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