Lucy Hale advocates the importance of self-care


Lucy Hale has urged everybody to make time for self-care.

The Pretty Little Liars star, who is also a spokeswoman for Degree deodorants, is adamant that while it’s important to work out and eat healthily, mental wellbeing should never be neglected.
As a result, she is encouraging us all to make room for plenty of ‘me-time’ in our lives.

“My mom has always taught me to be the best version of myself, so she instilled that in me. But you also learn new things about yourself as you get older,” the actress explained in an interview with StyleCaster. “That just comes with age and experience. At 29 years old, I’ve figured out what works for me and what doesn’t. For me, my lifestyle is so on the go and it’s constantly changing, so for me, it’s about the tiny moments during the day that I sort of have to pause and breathe.”

Lucy cites eating good food and meditation as a couple of things that are guaranteed to shift her towards a better head space, and also recommends exercise as a way of letting go of tension.

“I genuinely enjoy it,” she smiled. “Not just because of the physical aspects, but it’s my therapy in a way, so I never skip out on it. I typically work out in the morning, and when I have a day off, that’s definitely on top of my list.”

And when it comes to beauty, the Truth or Dare star likes to indulge in luxury skin care.

“I definitely splurge on facials and massages,” she admitted. “I have a facialist; her name is Molly Lucio. I see her almost every week just to maintain. I kind of let her do her own thing, from lasers to peels and LED light to muscle tightening. When I’m just chillin’ at home, I am a huge face mask lover. I’ll pop on a couple and watch TV. That’s my dream day.”