Lucy Hale: ‘My gut told me not to pass up Pretty Little Liars’


Lucy Hale almost passed on TV drama hit Pretty Little Liars, because she was also up for another pilot.

The actress admits if it wasn’t for her instinct she wouldn’t have led the cast of the cult show.
“I was offered another pilot, but my gut kept telling me to go towards Pretty Little Liars,” she tells “There was just something about that name that kept replaying in my head and I knew that that was probably the right decision to make.

“I think the reason I made the choice for PLL was that creatively it really excited me… You can be advised by really great people, family, friends, agents, managers, publicists, hairstylists, whatever it is. It’s always great to surround yourself with wonderful people, but at the end of the day you’re left with yourself, and I think that inner voice that you have is the strongest and most important.”

Lucy portrayed Aria Montgomery in 160 episodes of the teen drama from 2010 until the series ended earlier this year (17).