Luke Bryan Aims to Feed One Million Hungry Families Through Farm Tour campaign


Country singer Luke Bryan has set himself a goal to feed one million American families through his fresh Farm Tour initiative with pharmaceutical company Bayer.

The Drunk on You hitmaker has hosted the annual concert series, which features acts performing to 13,000 people per night at rural farms across the U.S., since 2014, but this year (17), he aims to make an even bigger impact on agricultural communities through his #HeresToTheFarmer campaign.

Luke has partnered with bosses at Bayer to offer free meals to hardworking farming families who grow food for others but are too poor to eat three square meals a day themselves.

Bayer and I get the farmers up on stage, and we donate a thousand dollars of Bayer product, and we give a scholarship to a student from an agricultural family,” Bryan tells Billboard. “Beyond that, we’ve teamed up with Bayer to do #HeresToTheFarmer, where if you do that (use the hashtag online), Bayer and I donate a meal to a hungry family. This year, our goal is to try to do a million meals. It’s grown over the years. We did 700,000 one year, and then 800,000 the next year, so everybody’s hashtags is feeding a hungry American family (sic).”

Luke spent his childhood on a farm in Georgia and he is deeply connected to the problems farming communities face.

“As someone who grew up on a farm, he gets it personally,” Ray Kerins, Bayer’s senior vice president of corporate affairs, explains. “He knows the challenges that farmers face in this country. Whether it be the cyclical nature of crops and how they grow, or regulations that are put on top of them, or it could be things like drought that mother nature just throws at us. Luke gets it and believes in it, which is why we are working with him.”

Luke’s six-stop Farm Tour launched last month (Sep17) in Lincoln, Nebraska and ended at Stowers Farm in Centralia, Missouri on 7 October (17).