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Luke Hemsworth teases ‘cry-baby’ brothers Liam and Chris

Luke Hemsworth takes “great joy” in making his beefcake brothers Chris and Liam cry.
The Westworld actor is the eldest of the Hemsworth siblings but his diminutive stature makes him look quite different from The Hunger Games hunk Liam and Thor heartthrob Chris.
However, Luke insists that while his brothers might look like hard men, it doesn’t take a lot to break them.
Asked by U.S. late night chat show host Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night (06Oct16) if he used to beat his brothers up, Luke replied: “Every chance I could, and I still do.
“They’re really tall but they’re actually quite soft and they cry a lot. And I take great joy in making them cry!”
Jimmy then questioned Luke about the last time he made one of his brothers cry, to which the actor laughed: “Just the other day…”
Joking about his brother’s bushy beard, he continued: “I was like, Liam, have a shave, you look like the Paddle Pop Lion! (Australian cartoon)”
The 35-year-old actor stands at 1.8m, a lot shorter than both of his brothers. But Luke has a theory about why he wasn’t gifted in the height department.
“I actually had a brick fall on my head as a kid so I think that may have stunted my growth,” he told Jimmy. “It didn’t affect me in any other way.
“I was climbing a wall underneath someone else and I think they didn’t like me very much and they kicked the brick and (it fell out).”
All three of the Hemsworths have made names for themselves, with Luke’s role in HBO series Westworld the latest in a string of successes for the family. But growing up in the “middle of nowhere” in Australia meant Hollywood wasn’t a natural progression for the siblings, with Luke crediting his mother’s parenting style for helping the boys focus on their imaginations.
“I think it just came from having a good sense of play,” he said of all the brothers going into acting. “And what mum would do, if we were were bad she’d say ‘Right that’s it, the TV’s going away’, and she’d carry the giant TV into the wardrobe, she’s pretty strong, it would go away for months. And that forced us to use our brains as much as we could.”

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