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MacGraw’s ego took a huge hit at charity gala

The Love Story star’s ego took a hit when she showed up for a 1980s The Night of 100 Stars gala and realised she was no longer in the same category as the actresses of the day.

She recalls, “Everybody you ever heard of (was there). They featured people we know and love – Linda Evans, Joan Collins, Angie Dickinson… and we were given dresses to wear and we were given ways of walking out.

“At the point I was given the worst dress and I was, like, number 299 walking across Radio City (Music Hall) I got it… I felt like a loser.”

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And MacGraw admits she started to think she was less than she had been when she was one of Hollywood’s most in-demand stars a decade before.

She adds, “The ego is such a trick, I just lost myself in that moment of ‘What do they think…?’ Nobody was counting off the people. It was very self-centred.

“So I got really loaded that night and woke up next to somebody I hadn’t planned to spend the night with… It was total ego.”

Shortly after that moment, the actress retreated from Hollywood and set up home in New Mexico.

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