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Macy’s daughter caused chicken panic

The Fargo star and his wife Felicity Huffman keep six hens at their California home, and their two kids, Sofia, 10, and Georgia, eight, enjoy collecting their eggs every morning.

But Macy was sent into a panic one day when he could only spot five chickens in his custom-made coup – and frantically tried to come up with an explanation for his little girls.

He says, “I built a killer chicken coup and we get about four eggs a day. The girls gather the eggs. But we have a lot of critters there and… once, I went in in the morning and there’s five chickens there and I have to tell Georgia, my daughter, ‘We lost a chicken, I don’t know how this critter got in.'”

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But he was breathing a sigh of relief after finding the hen in the most unexpected place.

Macy explains, “I walk into her room, and the chicken’s in her bed, with the blanket pulled up around her, sound asleep.”

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