Macy’s road trip with Shameless co-stars

The trio was celebrating the Shameless series premiere at Macy’s Los Angeles home last year (11) when the Magnolia star suggested they take a road trip to San Francisco.

And the 62 year old reveals it wasn’t long before they were heading out on their hogs for a spectacular adventure.

In a piece for The New York Times Style Magazine, he writes, “Up the coast we went, in motorcycle formation – staggered so there’s time to stop short, but close enough together that a car couldn’t cut between us – and I felt excellent. I was with the boys, my tribe. We kept an eye on each other.”

The group eventually arrived to the Golden Gate city, where they stayed for a couple of days before turning around for the trek back to Hollywood.

And Macy confesses the experience was one he’ll never forget.

He adds, “One of the odd things about riding is that when I hang around and talk about bikes with guys like Steve and Justin, I experience a camaraderie and closeness with men I can’t find anywhere else in my life.

“We decided to say our goodbyes at the last gas stop before Los Angeles. We fist bumped, and as I put on my gloves, I instantly regretted saying, ‘I love you guys.’ But without skipping a beat, they told me they loved me too.”