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Madchen Amick couldn’t believe Twin Peaks was coming back

Twin Peaks star Madchen Amick had to email David Lynch to make sure he was bringing his cult TV series back after castmates and friends started asking her for confirmation.
The actress, who will reprise her role as Shelly Johnson in the upcoming reboot, reveals she learned Twin Peaks was coming back just like everyone else – from a statement released by Lynch and his co-creator Mark Frost. And at first she found it hard to believe.
“I had been denying it for so many years because I just thought, ‘That was just lightning in a bottle, you can’t do that again’,” she tells TV chat show The Talk, “and I woke up on the morning that David Lynch and Mark Frost announced it on Twitter… to just a slew of text messages and emails, and the one I opened first was (from co-star) Dana Ashbrook, and he said, ‘Is this true?’
“I was like, ‘What? Is the world coming to an end…?’ I started to investigate further and I just emailed David Lynch and said, ‘Are these rumours true?’ And he just wrote back simply, ‘I’ll see you in the beautiful world of Twin Peaks!’ I just got shivers.”
Twin Peaks will return to TV in America on 21 May (17) and Madchen admits she’s still completely in the dark about what the show will be about, thanks to the veil of secrecy surrounding the series.
“David Lynch and Mark Frost wrote a 400-page script and it was shot like a gigantic film and you were just invited down to read your part… and then you were asked to leave nicely with nothing in your hands, but that’s the world of David Lynch,” the actress explains.
“Once I got out on location, I was given them (lines) the night before, but you had to turn them in when you’re done filming. They have to go to these precautions to keep it secret.”

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