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Maddie Ziegler: ‘Sia told me not to fix my big teeth’

Sia stopped her video mini-me Maddie Ziegler spending a fortune fixing her “big teeth”.
The 13-year-old, who launches her first fashion line, Maddie, next month (Oct16), fears she would have made a costly mistake were it not for the advice of her Chandelier hitmaker mentor.
“She’s definitely helped me feel comfortable in my own skin,” the teenager tells PeopleStyle. “I always had a fear my teeth were too big, and I wanted to fix them. But she told me not to. She said, ‘It’s what makes you you’. She always reminds me to stay true to myself.”
Maddie starred in three Sia videos – Big Girls Cry, Elastic Heart and Chandelier – and she will also dance on the famous wig-wearer’s Nostalgia for the Present tour, which starts in Seattle, Washington on 29 September (16).
“I’ve learned a lot from her (Sia),” Ziegler, who is also a judge on U.S. dance reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, says while discussing the 40-year-old Australian she considers a big sister.
“Even though she might be older than me, we are best friends,” Maddie adds. “Sometimes she is like one of my closest friends, and I know I’m 13, so it’s really weird to say, but it’s true.”

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