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Madonna: ‘I can’t understand people who sleep 12 hours a day’

Madonna resents people who like to lie-in and get more sleep than they need because she has been an insomnia sufferer since her mother died when she was young.

Finding a journal she wrote in 1991, the pop superstar realizes the sleeping issues she suffered from almost 25 years ago still keep her awake at night.

The Papa Don’t Preach singer tells Rolling Stone magazine, “Sleep’s never been an easy thing for me. If I can get six hours, I can get through the day. But because I want to have a career and also be an attentive mother, I tend to take a lot of breaks and deal with my kids, and then go back to work.

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“In the recording studio, I never finish before 2am, and then I have to get up at 7am for my kids. So there’s a lot of sleep deprivation.

“You start to go crazy if you don’t sleep, but I definitely don’t understand people who sleep 12 hours a day. I see that as the supreme indulgence, people sleeping until noon. How dare they? I never did that when I was a teenager.”

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