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Madonna’s adds arty ‘Clown’ show for fans in Australia

Madonna will play an exclusive show for fans as part of her tour of Australia.
After an absence of 23 years from the continent, the Material Girl is trekking her Rebel Heart tour across New Zealand and Australia, kicking off on Saturday night (5March16) in Auckland.
And as a gift for her super fans, the star will play a show titled Tears of a Clown next Thursday at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre.
The show is billed as a fusion of performance art, comedy, storytelling and music, with tickets made available to Icon fan club winners.
“I wanted to do something special for Australia because you have been so patient and waited so long,” said Madonna. “Especially for you my Rebel Heart fans Down Under.”
The intimate gig will now serve as a warm-up for Madonna’s Australian arena tour, which is scheduled to start March 12 in Melbourne and wind-up in Sydney on March 20.
The last time Madonna played in Australia was for the Girlie Show tour of 1993. Indeed, her Auckland dates will be the first time she has played in New Zealand.
But not everyone is thrilled about Madonna’s arrival in the southern hemisphere, with a Roman Catholic bishop in Auckland slamming the performer as being “highly offensive to Christianity”.
The 57-year-old singer and actress has a history of using Catholic symbols in her performance, and includes a “holy water” stripping segment with scantily-clad dancers and “sexy nuns” gyrating on cross-shaped stripper poles in her Rebel Heart shows.
“I find it hugely offensive. I think there are boundaries, especially in our society in New Zealand now, where we have such a mix of cultures and faiths, that artists have to be a little bit sensitive to values that are held by people in our society,” Bishop Patrick Dunn said.
Madonna arrives in New Zealand following a concert in conservative Singapore, where a Catholic archbishop there also urged Catholics not to attend her show because she “denigrates and insults religions”.
Meanwhile, the mother-of-four continues to have another battle with ex-husband Guy Ritchie over custody of their son Rocco, 15. The stars are fighting over where he should live after the 15-year-old refused to return to his mother following a visit to see Ritchie in London in December (15).
In a preliminary hearing in London (03Mar16), a judge urged the warring exes to reach an “amicable settlement” to this “highly unfortunate and deeply regrettable” family dispute.

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