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Maisie Williams campaigns for online bullying solution

Maisie Williams wants a solution to be found for online bullying.
The Game of Thrones starlet is an avid user of Twitter.com, with 1.14 million followers, and also regularly posts pictures and updates for fans on her Instagram and Facebook pages. However, while she insists she is “pro internet”, Maisie is well aware there is a downside to sharing your life with people online, and thinks more efforts need to be made to stop internet trolls in their tracks.
“I’m so pro internet and also pro technology,” Maisie insisted to Britain’s InStyle magazine. “We need to find a solution to online bullying – that doesn’t mean taking away all the things that make the younger generation the younger generation. This is who we are. This is what we’re going to take forward with us. I don’t think the answer is to take that away. It’s about finding a solution online.
“There are so many things already – you can mute, report and block abuse you experience online. It’s just about making them more effective. For all the sweaty geeks in the office trying to get Facebook back up and running when it goes down, there should be an equal number of people replying to the support section and getting that bit sorted as well.”
Maisie has become a household name thanks to her role as Arya Stark in fantasy series Game of Thrones, as well as starring as Ashildr in several episodes of Doctor Who.
While she is more than appreciative of her success, she finds it irritating when people dismiss those who have found fame through YouTube, such as Zoe ‘Zoella’ Sugg.
“They’re like, ‘Eeew, that’s not real famous,'” Maisie said of some people’s responses to YouTube fame. “So, what is real famous? It’s ridiculous. You can be as nasty as you like about technology, about the younger generation, but it’s not going to stop. So often we idolise people we don’t have a clue about.
“Whereas if you sit on the computer and tell everyone about your whole life, they’re like ‘OMG (oh my God) – you’re really cool.’ There are no secrets. When someone is totally honest to a camera and you sit there and watch it, it’s a new kind of fame.”

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