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Maisie Williams sticks to self-happiness

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams knows she can’t please everyone, insisting that her own happiness is all that matters.
The 18-year-old actress has found worldwide fame by playing Arya Stark in the award-winning TV show, which means she has little time to herself anymore. Although learning how to behave when in the spotlight has been a struggle, Maisie has realised her own needs are just as important as others’.
“I always used to say and do the right thing,” she recalled to Britain’s InStyle magazine. “But as I got older and formed my own opinions, I said things wrong and got in trouble. After going through all of that, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m never going to please everyone and so I should just be happy. You know, selfishly, that’s really all that matters. I’m not going to go out of my way to upset people, but if someone asks an honest question I’ll give them my honest answer.
“So I’ve come back to that point where I don’t want to do the t*ts and teeth, but I also don’t want to be angry and mean about everything. I’ll just be somewhere in the middle where I can be myself.”
That said, she always makes sure to be friendly to her fans, even though she gets nervous when approached by loyal followers. As a result, Maisie goes quiet when posing for photos and often worries people are left disappointed after meeting her.
But she isn’t so anxious when it comes to her personal life and is currently loved up with her boyfriend, who remains somewhat of a mystery to the rest of the world.
“We’ve been together for over a year. I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious,” she giggled. “He’s not famous. I met him at school. And now he’s my boyfriend!
“People feel it’s strange that someone who’s famous can go out with someone who’s normal. I don’t meet anyone else. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I don’t go to all these parties. I don’t meet the other young, male actors. I just like normal people, I guess.””

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