Maluma’s representative defends Mother’s Day kiss as cultural difference


Maluma’s spokesperson has dismissed the backlash sparked by a Mother’s Day photo featuring the pop star kissing his mum on the lips, insisting it’s common in Latin culture.

The Colombian singer, who features on Madonna’s new single Medellin, celebrated the international holiday on Sunday (May 12, 2019) by sharing what he thought was a sweet snap of himself showing affection to Marlli Arias.

In the caption, Maluma wished her a Happy Mother’s Day and called her the “love of my life”.

However, the image, in which Maluma holds his mum’s face while planting a big kiss on her lips, wasn’t well received by some followers, who were quick to express their disgust.

“Dude, that’s sick,” commented one fan, while another expressed shock, writing, “What the actual f**k!”

Others insisted it was perfectly normal to show parents love in such a way, and now Maluma’s representative has insisted it’s just part of their culture, which more people are being introduced to thanks to the popularity of Latin music in the mainstream industry.

“The beautiful thing is that he has been accepted in the American music market with open arms, and I think, now, where we are in this world with music, it’s really global,” his spokesperson tells the New York Post’s Page Six.

“Now people are going to be able to see different sides of our culture in different ways.”