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“Manhunt” could be shot down

Following revelations by one of the producers that Paramount manipulated scenes in the UPN reality series Manhunt (including reshooting several sequences in a Los Angeles park that replaced original footage shot in Hawaii), UPN said Thursday that it is considering the possibility of taking the show off the air or informing viewers that some scenes were staged and reshot, the Associated Press reported Thursday, citing UPN spokeswoman Joanna Lowry. The wire service noted that Jacqueline Kelly, the only contestant who refused to participate in the reshoots, said that she had been warned that she would not be paid her prize money if she declined. “I feel like I was used,” Kelly told the AP. “I didn’t sign on to do a fictional show. I signed on to do a reality show. I never would have participated if it wasn’t a reality show. I never had a chance to play a fair game.”

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