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Marc Anthony’s ex-wife dismisses rumours of Jennifer Lopez feud

Marc Anthony’s ex Shannon De Lima has dismissed rumours suggesting the singer’s onstage kiss with his second wife Jennifer Lopez at the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards prompted her to file for divorce.
The salsa star hit headlines back in November, 2016 when it was announced his two-year marriage to Venezuelan model Shannon was over, just a day after locking lips with Lopez at the Las Vegas ceremony.
Marc and Shannon, who finalised their divorce earlier this year (17), remained quiet about the reasons behind their separation, but now the beauty has opened up to Univision’s morning show Despierta America about the failed romance.
During the interview, the 29-year-old laughed off claims their break-up was sealed by the J.Lo kiss.
“It was not the kiss,” she declared. “We had been separated already for about a month.”
Shannon also brushed off rumours of a feud with Jennifer: “There is nothing,” she said. “People make up this movie in their minds and create a rivalry where there is none.”
Instead, the model insists she and Jennifer were always on good terms, especially as the superstar was the mother of Marc’s twins Max and Emme.
Shannon also explained she and Marc have remained close, admitting her son Daniel, from her previous romance with actor Manuel Sosa, still considers the I Need to Know hitmaker his second father.
“We are really great friends,” she smiled. “I care for him a lot. Things don’t work out sometimes, but it’s not as dramatic as people see it.”
Revealing Marc helped to celebrate Daniel’s 10th birthday last month (Oct17), Shannon said, “It was a surprise. When he saw Marc again it was so nice. Marc was his dad. Dani still calls him ‘Daddy.’ Dani has his dad, but Marc will be ‘Daddy Marc’ forever.”
Anthony has since moved on from the broken marriage. He is now dating Italian model Raffaella Modugno.

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