Maren Morris: ‘Texas bar gigs made me rethink my dream of becoming a star’

Maren Morris gave up on her dream of becoming a star after singing to drunk Texans.
The Girl singer opted for life as a songwriter when she moved to Nashville, Tennessee after spending years performing in Texas bars.
“My only experience of touring was in Texas at bars, where I was background music for people getting hammered,” she tells Rolling Stone. “That was the only context I had for being an artist onstage.
“So when I moved to Nashville, I was like, ‘The Texas circuit was enough for me, so I’m going to be behind the scenes and hopefully write great songs for major artists’.”
Maren did just that for a few years and then she wrote her breakthrough hit My Church.
“I realised I did miss being the voice,” she adds. “My publisher brought me to L.A. to team with writers there. Ironically enough, I wrote My Church, which is a very country song, out there, and I had a panic attack at the thought of someone else recording it.
“I felt like I would break out in hives if someone else sang those words. That had never happened to me before.”