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Margaret Qualley stars in Kate Spade’s 25th anniversary campaign

Andie Macdowell’s daughter Margaret Qualley has been tapped to front Kate Spade’s latest campaign.
The 23-year-old actress, who many will recognise from critically acclaimed TV series The Leftovers, was thrust into the high-fashion world when Kenzo cast her in its fragrance campaign for Kenzo World, the debut scent from design duo Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, in August 2016.
She’s also previously starred in a Free People advert, alongside Tali Lennox and Joan Smalls.
For her black and white Kate Spade campaign, celebrating 25 years of the American label, Margaret shows off numerous accessories, which all appear in colour against an otherwise monochrome backdrop.
In one image, she holds a pink tote bag, while in another she eats cake while wearing a pair of Kate Spade reading glasses.
A pink watch and blue mule shoes are also modelled, and Margaret wows in various party outfits. In each photograph, she wears her long, dark hair tied up.
Margaret, whose father is former model Paul Qualley, grew up in North Carolina but moved to New York at 16 to study at the American Ballet Theatre. However, she soon quit and turned her back dancing, and decided to pursue modelling instead. Again though, this didn’t hold her attention for long.
“It made me feel silly, to be honest,” she previously admitted to Vogue.
After finding success as an actress, the Nice Guys star gave fashion another shot. She was directed by Oscar-winning director Spike Jonze for the Kenzo advert and got to show off her dance skills in the accompanying video.
“I hope that Margaret takes over the world,” Spike told Vogue. “She looks like a pretty girl, but it’s fun to discover what a weirdo she really is. She’s a cuckoo bird. If you’re a casting agent or a director, that’s exciting. There is something complex and endearing and beautiful about her, but also powerful. Her range is pretty diverse.”

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