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Margera was detained in New Zealand after fan slipped drug in his drink

The stuntman reveals someone slipped a powerful drug into his drink at the New Zealand after-show party, and by the time he got to the airport to fly to the next gig he was babbling and unable to stand.

He tells Penthouse magazine, “I just passed out… I was completely coherent , but I couldn’t move my feet or hands or even talk (sic). They (brother’s bandmates) were ready to call the ambulance, but instead they got a car to take me to the hotel. Then I had to go to the airport, and I was so incoherent that I got detained.”

But that was only one of the crazy things that happened as Margera served as roadie and assistant on the Australasian CKY tour – he was left with the bill after the band trashed his suite at a top Perth, Australia hotel.

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He adds, “Murray, the keyboarder, broke a tile that cost me $500. Then Deron (singer) got into an argument with a girl and punched a hole in the wall, and then there were burn marks on the curtains and stuff.

“So I was stuck with this big-a** bill… It was my room, but I didn’t do any of it (damage).”

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