Margot Robbie’s Next Film Project Already Sounds Incredible

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie will star in and produce action-crime thriller Bad Monkeys.

Based on Matt Ruff’s 2007 novel of the same name, the story centres on a woman named Jane Charlotte, who has been arrested for murder. She denies the charge, saying she is part of a secret organisation devoted to fighting evil, the Department for the Final Disposition of Irredeemable Persons (aka Bad Monkeys). Her confession lands her in a jail’s psychiatric wing and earns her countless hours of questioning by apparent professionals. The mystery is in whether she’s lying, delusional or might actually be telling the truth.

The story was inspired by such diverse sources as Philip K. Dick’s sci-fi works, David Simon’s non fiction book Homicide, and an episode of cartoon TV show South Park. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Margot is producing the movie through her LuckyChap Entertainment banner, with Josey McNamara set to serve as executive producer. Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark are producing through their Universal-based Bluegrass Films company.

Margot, 26, is currently starring as Jane in The Legend of Tarzan, and also appears in the upcoming Suicide Squad, which is tracking to be one of the biggest debuts this year ahead of its 5 August (16) opening. The Australian-born actress plays villain Harley Quinn in the movie, one of the most popular characters in the DC Comics universe, and her portrayal has certainly been generating buzz. Warner Bros. has been so impressed with Margot’s characterization that they are reportedly developing a spinoff movie, which she would also produce, cementing her status as a growing Hollywood powerhouse. The star is also expected to appear on the Suicide Squad panel at Comic-Con on Saturday (23Jul16).

LuckyChap Entertainment is also currently developing I, Tonya, the story of disgraced Olympic ice skater Tonya Harding, and the noir thriller Terminal.