Margot Robbie wants more Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie isn’t done with her Suicide Squad bad girl.
The Australian actress had so much fun playing Harley Quinn in the upcoming blockbuster, she’s begging film bosses to bring the character back.
She tells Tribute, “I’m just so not done playing that character and there’s so much more to do with her.
“As anyone who’s read the comics knows, there’s a million different story lines to explore. There’s just so much you can do in the DC Universe so I think it would be cool.”
In May (16), sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Margot was actively campaigning for a new Birds of Prey film, in which she would star alongside other DC Comics femme fatales, after falling in love with the comic book characters while researching her role as The Joker’s sidekick, Harley Quinn.
Asked about insider rumours linked to a new Warner Bros. Birds of Prey movie, Margot maintained there is nothing concrete, adding, “We’re not sure.”
But, if the film gossip becomes a reality, the actress knows just what to do to make it a big hit: “Just more of Harley,” she chuckles.
Robbie loved every minute of shooting Suicide Squad, even the three hours a day she spent in the make-up chair transforming into her alter ego, telling Collider she loved to hate the character’s iconic white face, tattoos and colourful hair.
“Funnily enough, the things that I love the most go very much hand in hand with the things I hate the most, as well, because it looks so amazing when your skin’s completely white and you’ve got tattoos and the wig’s crazy, and it takes three hours to do,” she explained. “So I hate that I have to (do it)… but having said that, without all that hair and make-up, I wouldn’t feel like the character at all.
“When I am all done up I don’t look anything like myself, and I start behaving very differently, and it kinda does a lot of the work for you, I guess, with the whole getting into character side of things.”
Suicide Squad hits U.S. cinemas next week (beg01Aug16).