Mariah back in spotlight

Pop singer Mariah Carey will grant her first post-breakdown interview to Barbara Walters for ABC’s 20/20 news program, a spokesman for the network told Reuters on Wednesday.

Fans curious to know why the singer was hospitalized may find the answer during the interview, airing Sept. 12. The network’s publicist said that Carey will “obviously discuss the reasons behind her hospitalization.”

Ever since the singer checked herself out of a Connecticut clinic on Aug. 8, she has kept a low profile and has communicated to her fans only via her official Web site.

An undisclosed source told on Thursday that Carey had been in Puerto Rico, “staying at the El Conquistador Hotel and having a good time with her friends.”

But Carey‘s rep, Cindi Berger, denies the rumor.

“She is not staying at that hotel and she is not partying,” Berger said.

Carey recently completed work on two movies, Glitter and Wise Girls and wrote, recorded and produced her newest album, the soundtrack to Glitter, due in stores Sept. 11.

Mira Sorvino has denied reports that she was involved in a physical fight with Carey on the set of Wise Girls.

“We had one verbal argument, there was no physicality whatsoever,” Sorvino told The Associated Press last week. “If you can really imagine me rolling around on the ground, tearing hair out, as the [National] Enquirer said, then I don’t know what to say, but I can assure you that that never happened, and we made up the next day and we’re on very good terms.”

Glitter is scheduled to debut Sept. 21. Wise Girls hits the big screen next year.