Mariah Carey checks out

Singer Mariah Carey has checked herself out of a Connecticut clinic where she was recovering after suffering an emotional and physical breakdown last month, The Associated Press reports.

Cindi Berger, Carey‘s spokeswoman, told the Daily Newson Wednesday that the singer was feeling much better and was staying at an undisclosed location with her mother.

Carey, 31, is still under a doctor’s care.

Berger also denied that the singer attempted suicide after Carey emerged from an emergency room on July 25 with bandages on her wrist. She said that Carey had broken some dishes and glasses.

After her breakdown, Carey canceled all public appearances, including the MTV 20th Anniversary bash on Aug. 1.

Carey recently completed work on two movies, Glitter and Wise Girls and wrote, recorded and produced her newest album, the soundtrack to Glitter.

She also reportedly broke up with her boyfriend, Latin singer Luis Miguel, before she was hospitalized.

The premiere of Glitter has also been delayed one month to Sept. 21. The album of the same title will be available on August 21.

Before her breakdown, the singer left several ominous messages on her Web site complaining of being overworked and not receiving enough attention from her record label.