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Marie Osmond: ‘Music should never be defined by age’

Marie Osmond credits the “transcendent” nature of her songs for her long-lasting music career.
The 57-year-old singer first found fame at the age of 14 and has been churning out records ever since.
She remains as popular as ever, with her show alongside brother Donny at Las Vegas’ Flamingo still sought after by fans. Reflecting on her career, Marie puts her longevity down to the multi-generational appeal of her songs and music.
“We have 25-year-olds coming to the show, bringing their moms who were in love with my brother and grew up with us, and even kids (aged seven and eight) seeing us for the first time, and it’s good as long as the songs still sound ‘radio,’ like something they can relate to,” she told Las Vegas Magazine. “But if it’s a great song it transcends. That’s the power of music and it should never be defined by age. I know they may seem a little dated maybe but to me, it’s the dated that makes it fun.”
And while Marie undoubtedly rakes in the cash with her album releases and live performances, she insists it’s not the money that she’s in the business for. Instead, it’s because she absolutely loves performing and enjoys challenging herself to keep her offerings fresh.
“We’re at that age now where we might have been working longer than a lot of artists. When you start getting into five decades at our age, we might be breaking some records,” she explained.
“If you’re around that long you better be current and you better be fresh and you better be good. Vegas isn’t a place you play around with. At this point in my life, I feel I’m one of those females that God has been very good to and I have learned a lot of great things and now I just do things that bring me happiness.”

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