Marion Cotillard roasted at Harvard University

The Dark Knight Rises star hopped into a convertible and was treated to a parade around the Massachusetts campus, before taking part in a presentation with members of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals drama troupe.

Cotillard got into the spirit of the wacky event as she was prompted to re-enact scenes from her medical disaster film Contagion, writhing around onstage in pretend agony.

And the actress had the audience in stitches as she tested her American accent by reciting famous lines from classic films Taxi Driver and Forrest Gump, alongside undergraduates in drag.

Cotillard beamed as she accepted her Hasty Pudding Pot award, and when asked what she enjoyed most about the event, she told the audience, “You are good kissers. That was long, warm, sweet, soft.”

Homeland star Claire Danes was the Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ woman of the year last year (12), while the 2013 man of the year will be announced at a later date and feted on 8 February (13).