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Mark Ronson pens heartfelt tribute to ‘god-like’ Chris Cornell

Mark Ronson worshipped late rocker Chris Cornell as a “god-like figure” from the moment he started building his musical identity.
The Soundgarden frontman took his own life following a performance in Detroit, Michigan on 17 May (17). Uptown Funk star Mark, who was among the thousands of fans left devastated by the suicide, has now penned a heartfelt piece for Billboard magazine about his memories of the musician.
He was on holiday in Greece aged 14 when he first met Chris, after noticing he was also vacationing there with his family. However, Mark, 41, was “such a massive fan of him and his music” that he was nervous about approaching him, until the last day of the vacation when he summoned up the courage to do so, when he was on a boat pulling away from the dock as he spotted Chris.
“I took a running jump off the boat (which was in motion) and landed awkwardly right in front of him, immediately launching a steady stream of super-fandom while he looked on slightly startled but mostly amused,” Mark remembered.
“I also mentioned I had been at a double header of Soundgarden and Danzig at the Beacon Theatre in 1990, to which he responded something like, ‘Really? How old are you, kid?’ He gave me a cool but genuine, ‘Thanks, man.’ Then I shook his hand, turned around and took a running jump back onto the boat.”
And while Mark is embarrassed about how he first met Chris, he remains extraordinarily grateful that he had mustered up the courage to do so.
“Chris Cornell was a god-like figure to me at the age when I was starting to forge my musical identity; that’s probably why I felt absolutely compelled to tell him how much his music meant to me even if embarrassed myself in the process,” Mark mused.

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