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Mark Wahlberg upsets wife with kids play

The movie star admits he’s perhaps not the best father figure at times after two recent slip-ups angered his sensible wife Rhea Durham.

The first came when he checked out Seth McFarlane’s crude show Family Guy for the first time before teaming up with the writer/director for new film Ted.

Wahlberg explains, “It’s a cartoon so I’m like, ‘Well, let me watch this with my kids…’ I figured, ‘It’s just a cartoon’. So I sit down for the 150th episode with (animated baby) Stewie and the dog (Brian) in the bank. He’s gotta go to the bathroom, he poops in the diaper, he makes the dog eat the poop, then he throws up because the dog is eating the poop, then they start drinking liquor, he pulls out a gun on the dog and all this crazy stuff.

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“My kids are laughing hysterically, we’re having the greatest time ever and of course my wife comes barging in, goes, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ (and) rips the DVD out. I’ve been on punishment more than my kids have. It’s, like, one thing after another.”

And to make matters worse he then let his kids shoot paintballs at a heavy-set pal.

Wahlberg adds, “I got a paintball gun and my sons love it; they wanna shoot the side of the house, they wanna shoot the tree, and they said, ‘Daddy, can we shoot anybody?’ and I said, ‘Well, I’m not gonna get shot but maybe you can ask my friend Big A, whose a tough guy.’ He goes, ‘You wanna shoot me? Of course. I don’t say no to the kids.’

“We shoot him, like, 40 times and my kids are laughing hysterically, and then my wife finds out and she takes my paintball gun (away).”

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