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Martin Sheen can’t remember working with Sally Field in 1970s

The veteran stars portray Peter Parker’s beloved Uncle Ben and Aunt May in the new film, but Field had to remind her onscreen husband that it wasn’t their only project together – they had previously teamed up for a little-known TV movie.

The Steel Magnolias actress says, “I reminded him, we did work together. We did one of those early movies for TV, when they used to do those things. It was somewhere in the ’70s, it was really, really good. It was called Mongo’s Back in Town… Marty was in it with me; we were both extremely young.”

However, forgetful Sheen still has trouble remembering the fact – despite constant reminders from Field.

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She adds, “I’ve told him four or five times and he keeps blocking it out! Every time he forgets, ‘Oh, we have (worked together)?'”

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