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Martine McCutcheon: ‘Workaholism was to blame for ME diagnosis’

Love Actually star Martine McCutcheon has blamed her work crazy life for her 2001 Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) diagnosis.
The British actress and singer admits she took too much on at the same time after landing the lead role in a West End production of My Fair Lady, and the work load took a toll on her health.
“It was a real pressure, especially on matinee days and then as well as shoots and relationships, and I think that’s why I got ME,” she said during an appearance on British TV show Loose Women on Thursday (06Oct16). “I got a virus, infections and I don’t think anything else would have stopped me but that… I became a complete workaholic.”
The chronic fatigue syndrome put Martine in a wheelchair, and left her battling depression.
“It stopped me in my tracks,” she added. “It was horrible. I’ve learned a lot. But still now I’m here going, ‘Should I be here?’ But now, instead of back then, there’s another voice saying, ‘Yes, yes you should!'”

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