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Matt Damon smuggles his way onto Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Ben Affleck helped to smuggle his best pal Matt Damon onto Jimmy Kimmel’s traditional post-Oscars television special on Sunday (28Feb16) after serving as the butt of the presenter’s jokes for years.
The Argo actor/director was Kimmel’s special guest on the 11th annual show and walked out on set wearing an oversized trench coat, clearly trying to hide something bulky under his clothing.
Affleck tried to play off the awkward bulge, claiming the muscle he had put on to play Batman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had simply turned to fat, but he soon gave up the ruse, unbuttoning his coat to allow Damon to untangle himself and reveal his presence.
As Kimmel protested in mock disgust, an ecstatic Damon wasted no time in settling in to one of the guest chairs, delighted to make it onto the set stage.
“I think it’s maybe time to bury the hatchet!” Affleck declared, as he tried to encourage Kimmel to let Damon stay.
The TV host, who regularly signs off his daily show by apologising for running out to time to interview Damon, refused to budge and shouted at his unwanted guest, “You’re ruining the Oscars show! Nobody wants you here!”
Kimmel then called on his security sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez to remove Damon, who had to be pushed offstage in his chair.
Affleck and Damon also joined Kimmel to film a pretend new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which the funnyman interrupted a tense scene between Affleck and his co-star Henry Cavill to point out their superhero alter egos.
Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Lex Luthor in the upcoming blockbuster, also made an appearance in the skit, as did The Lego Movie’s Will Arnett, who voices Lego Batman.
The sketch ended with Kimmel being blasted into space and landing on Mars, where he is found by Damon’s astronaut character from The Martian.
They weren’t the only stars to get silly for Kimmel’s post-Oscars special. Tracy Morgan, Mike Tyson, and J.K. Simmons helped the host dream up a funny sequel to boxing drama Creed, entitled Clubber, while Broadway regulars Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane mocked real estate tycoon-turned-politician Donald Trump’s bid for the White House in a fake movie trailer called Trumped.
British funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen and Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner Alicia Vikander also featured on the broadcast, live from the Governors Ball after party in Hollywood, and as Kimmel wrapped up the show, he issued an apology to viewers for Damon’s unexpected presence.
“I’d like to apologise to you sincerely for inadvertently allowing the loser Matt Damon to spoil our show,” he quipped. “It’ll never happen again, I swear!”

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