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Matt Damon: ‘What you see is what you get’

Matt Damon doesn’t feel the need to create an element of mystery around himself, as he knows attention comes with the job.
The Good Will Hunting star has been in the spotlight since the late ’80s, making his silver screen debut in Mystic Pizza before starring in hit films such as the Bourne franchise and True Grit. As well as being a talented actor Matt is known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, and he isn’t against interviews and press events like some thespians are.
“I don’t know if balancing it all is difficult, exactly,” he mused to biography.com when asked if it’s difficult to find stability between his career and personal life. “My friend (actor) Edward Norton does very little press. I’ve talked to him a lot about this topic, and he’s got a really good point about being in the spotlight all the time, which is this: as an actor, he feels he can play a wider range of characters because people don’t have any preconceived notions about him… It’s preserving the mystery…
“It definitely works for him… So I understand his theory, but – for me anyway – there’s also the realistic side of this business, which is: you’ve got to go tell people about your movie.”
Matt has definitely struck harmony with his outlook and his talents have earned him his fourth Oscar nomination for The Martian, having previously scooped the gong for writing Good Will Hunting. He plays astronaut Mark Watney in the flick, who is stranded on Mars after his crew presume he’s died in a storm. The latest nod hasn’t gone to his head though and he remains grateful for the recognition.
“Look, when it comes down to it, I mean I work hard, I always do my best, I try to be not only nice, but good to the people I encounter or work with, but I think I’ve always just been incredibly blessed,” he added. I’ve had incredible experiences making some incredible movies – and I’ve had some incredible experiences making some movies that have maybe not been so incredible. But what makes me happy is the work, when it’s fun and challenging.”

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