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Matthew Fox strikes plea deal in DUI case

The Lost star was charged with two misdemeanours, driving under the influence and driving without a licence, after he was pulled over by police in Bend, Oregon in the early hours of 4 May (12).

He was due to be arraigned in court next week (07Jun12), but Fox has since pleaded no contest to one count of driving under the influence after reportedly reaching an agreement with authorities that will keep him out of jail.

According to TMZ.com, the actor has been told he has to give up boozing and the keys to his car for one year. He also has to complete a drug and alcohol treatment programme.

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It has been a headline-grabbing week for Fox – on Thursday (31May12), a female bus driver dropped her assault lawsuit against the actor following an altercation in Cleveland, Ohio last year (11), and earlier this week, his Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan accused the actor of “beating women” in a series of sensational tweets.

The Brit’s unsubstantiated claims have been dismissed by Fox’s aides but the star has yet to comment.

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