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Max Greenfield: ‘Life with two kids is chaotic’

Actor Max Greenfield is struggling to adjust to life as a father-of-two.
The New Girl star and his TV executive wife Tess Sanchez became parents again in August (15), when they welcomed son Ozzie, a little brother for their six-year-old girl, Lily.
However, having two kids is more than enough for the couple to handle and Max insists they won’t be adding to their brood any more.
“My wife Tess has a full time job as well so every time we leave the house in the morning, I don’t know why this happens, but it feels like that 10 minutes right before we’re out (the door) everything seems so chaotic,” he told Live! with Kelly and Michael. “I don’t know why we’re not able to just calm down and just ease out of the door…”
The 35-year-old jokingly explains he feels the added stress stems from the fear of accidentally leaving one of their children behind.
“The last couple days have been (crazy),” he continued. “I left the stove on the other day, which was really bad. I don’t even know how long it was on. I tried to make some coffee the other day and I just pressed the button, there was no cup underneath the machine. And I think it’s all because the two of us are terribly afraid that we’re going to leave the house in one of these mad dashes without one of the children. It hasn’t happened yet, but I see it being a possibility. I see people acting erratically in life and I think to myself, ‘Well, they must have kids,’ and if they don’t, shame on them, they have no excuse!”

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