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McGillis hid sexuality for kids’ sake

The actress became involved with her current partner Melanie Leis while she was still married to her second husband, Fred Tillman, but she kept her sexuality a secret from the world to protect her daughters, Kelsey and Sonora.

McGillis, who only ‘came out’ publicly last year (10), also admits she struggled to accept her true feelings.

She tells Britain’s The Times Magazine, “I had a lot of shame issues attached to my sexuality. A lot. If Mel touched me in public, I would just freak out and go, ‘Don’t do that: stay 20 feet away from me.’

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“It was also a burden on my children – it got to the point where Sonora wouldn’t allow Mel and me to come to her football matches together because she was so embarrassed. People say, ‘Why didn’t you come out earlier?’ I just thought it would be incredibly selfish to put my kids through that misery because of something that I needed to do for me…

“If I were more mature and healthy, I would have done it very differently, but I wasn’t very well and I certainly wasn’t thinking about my children. I was completely self-absorbed. Ultimately, my children suffered a great deal because of it. But I can’t take that back.”

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