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McGowan ends year of housing horror with a new home

The Conan The Barbarian star sold her dream home in Los Feliz, California at the beginning of 2011 because she thought she was allergic to something there. Unfortunately, after she moved out and sold the property the actress realised it was her bedding causing the rashes and itches.

In an interview with U.S. TV host Chelsea Handler earlier this year, McGowan said, “My eyes kept swelling up there. I spent about $17,000 overhauling the duct system, putting allergy c**p (on). Every day I was staying at hotels because my eyes were, like, swollen like I got stung by a bee.

“I went to the new house, which I loathe… because I had to go somewhere, because I couldn’t take it anymore, and it happened again… (It turns out) I’m allergic to down.”

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McGowan revealed she returned to her old home upon learning what the root of her health problems was – and sobbed in the driveway.

She adds, “I tried to see if the guy would sell me my house back, but he won’t.”

McGowan appears to have found a new dream home after paying almost $1.4 million (£875,000) for a new four-bedroom pad.

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