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Megan Fox exposes dark side of Hollywood

Megan Fox slammed Hollywood movie studios as she accused them of lacking morality and integrity.
The 31-year-old also said in the interview with Hong Kong’s Prestige magazine that she had been injured and suffered “emotional trauma” while filming.
“There are some very dark, negative things that go on on-set, between actors or between actors and directors – specifically to actresses – that we have to go through,” Fox told the magazine. “There’s no morality or integrity within the studio system. It’s completely about greed.”
The mother-of-three added: “It creates a lot of emotional trauma. People have to go through this c**p over and over again because your humanity isn’t even recognised. You’re an object, a means to an end.”
Fox also said she has been injured multiple times while on set, but it was never enough to shut down production.
“You can’t shut down a movie set – it’s $2 million (£1.5 million) a day halted – even though insurance covers it,” she explained. “We usually fight through the injuries. As long as your face looks OK, they don’t care and they want you to keep shooting anyway.”
The Transformers star did not reveal what movie she was filming when she was injured, nor did she elaborate on the identities of directors or actors.
Fox then spoke out about how she felt women were “undervalued” in Hollywood, especially on big budget movie productions.
“Equal pay for equal work. There’s also something more that goes on when you’re working on these big movies because the studio has so much money on the line – when it’s a $100 million (£76 million) plus budget, the value for human life isn’t anything,” she added.
“It’s all about getting that shot on time so that we make our money back. People get hurt in the process.”

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