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Meghan Trainor feared death after emotional Grammys win

Singer Meghan Trainor was convinced her heart would “explode” after winning her first Grammy Award.
The 22-year-old star scooped the Best New Artist accolade at the ceremony last month (Feb16), where she sobbed her way through her acceptance speech. She was nominated twice in 2015 for her hit single All About That Bass from debut album Title, but the thrill of the win overrides missing out previously.
“It’s a bigger deal for me than the song nominations,” Meghan told Los Angeles Times. “New artist you can’t win again, you know? You can’t be nominated ever again. It’s the coolest thing I could have ever asked for in all my dreams.
“My heart felt like it was exploding in my chest. I’ve never had that feeling in my entire life of when you’re too happy. I thought I might die right now. I just fell into my dad’s arms, I couldn’t even hug him right, I just collapsed on him. He whispered in my ear, ‘You made it,’ while crying. It felt like I was in a movie.”
She’s now busy working on new music for her second record Thank You, available in May (16). The first track to be released is No, and like All About That Bass, the song delivers another powerful message.
There was another person who played a big part in recording though: music exec L.A. Reid, who acted as producer.
“L.A. is famous for this, he will always sit down the artist at the very end and say you don’t have a single,” she laughed. “He didn’t do this with my first one (album) because I came in with All About That Bass, but on this one he did. I told him, ‘I’m not going to write All About That Bass 2.0. – I’m not going to give you another one of those.’ He was like, ‘I’m not asking for that, I promise, but I know you as a songwriter can do better and I know if I push you, you will do better’.”

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