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Meghan Trainor’s Odd Allergy Split Family

Meghan Trainor’s parents lived in separate towns as she was growing up so she could attend a school miles away from home because she suffered an allergic reaction to mold.

The All About That Bass hitmaker was born and raised on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, but when she realized her health was deteriorating due to the conditions at her school building, she, along with her mother and two brothers, moved nearly three hours away to Cape Cod, where she could attend another facility.

In an interview with Boston radio station KISS 108, Trainor explains, “I was allergic to the school in Nantucket. I would cough all the time. It was the mold. When I moved to Cape Cod, they (other students) would ask, ‘Why did you move here?’ and I was like ‘I was allergic to my school’ and they were like, ‘Oh you’re crazy then, right?’

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“We rented a house on the Cape and my mom took me and my brothers, so all went to school together. My parents had to live, basically like divorced, for seven years, but they’re happily married so it was very difficult.”

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