Mel Gibson a big fan of Peter Facinelli’s directorial debut

Mel Gibson has given Peter Facinelli’s directorial debut a big thumbs up after the Twilight star cast his son, Milo, as his leading man.
Facinelli has yet to speak to Mel about the film, Breaking & Exiting, but the Oscar winner’s son insists dad was very impressed.
“I heard he watched the movie and he was at the premiere and Milo said he enjoyed the movie and gave him a big hug…,” Peter tells Access Live. “That made me feel good.”
But Mel didn’t drop by the set to visit his son and hand out directorial notes to Facinelli: “If he did (visit) I would have taken the day off and said, ‘How about it…’,” Facinelli laughs, revealing he is sure the movie veteran’s son has a huge future ahead of him.
“I’m super proud of Milo; it was his first leading man role and I think he did a really great job,” he adds. “You’re gonna see a lot more of him too because he’s done about four or five movies since then.”
And, opening up about his first feature as a director, the Twilight star reveals he had a blast: “It was so much fun. It’s such a big responsibility because, as an actor, you take responsibility for your performance; as a director you take responsibility for all their (actors) performances, but I really enjoyed it.”
Breaking & Exiting, which also stars the movie’s screenwriter Jordan Hinson, debuted in U.S. cinemas on Friday (17Aug18).
Facinelli previously directed seven episodes of TV series College Humor Originals in 2011.