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Mel Gibson ‘ruined’ take after take cracking up on Daddy’s Home 2

Mel Gibson struggled to keep a straight face on the set of new comedy Daddy’s Home 2 as co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell’s improvised scenes were always “completely off the wall”.
The Lethal Weapon star has become more known for his dramas and directing skills in recent years, but he enjoyed a return to the comedic genre for the new festive movie as he portrayed Mark’s onscreen father.
However, Mel found it a little difficult to avoid cracking up into laughter whenever Mark and Will would go off-script and trade jabs, and admits he was responsible for multiple ruined shots.
“It’s very difficult, particularly when Mark and Will get going,” he confessed. “These two just have these mercurial brains, and they start these rifts on some little subject that you can’t even believe the minutia of some of the places they get to, it’s completely off the wall, and it was very difficult to keep a straight face, and sometimes I was just breaking up and I’d ruin the take.”
Mark remembers how shocked Mel seemed by their wacky exchanges the first day the veteran joined them on set, but he soon adapted to the light-hearted environment on the sequel to the 2015 original.
“Will and I were so comfortable with each other, we have the same crew and cast from the first movie, so Will and I do a lot of improvising,” he told U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America. “I remember the first day, he (Gibson) was just kinda staring like, ‘Oh my god, these guys have lost their minds. They’re going crazy!’
“But then he just jumped right in. He had such a good time throughout the whole movie.”
He added, “I remember, the last day we were actually doing this giant dance sequence and singing… then all of a sudden, I see Mel just dancing, like, out of control. He’s going crazy and he’s not even on camera! He was having such a good time.”
Daddy’s Home 2 features Will reprising his role as Brad Whitaker, the mild-mannered stepfather to Dylan and Megan, who has to work with their biological dad, Mark Wahlberg’s Dusty Mayron, to co-parent, while also dealing with their own fathers visiting for the holidays. John Lithgow plays Brad’s dad, Don.

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