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Melissa Etheridge contacted by Angelina Jolie’s team over interview comments

Singer Melissa Etheridge was contacted by Angelina Jolie’s team after she blasted the actress and defended Brad Pitt during a recent radio interview.
The songwriter told U.S. radio host Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show on Monday (03Oct16) the child abuse allegations made against her good friend Brad since his split from his wife of two years were “completely unfounded” and “heartbreaking.”
During the interview, she also slammed his estranged spouse by hinting she had put “disinformation out there” first and she witnessed her “not doing nice things” with actor Billy Bob Thornton while he was engaged to actress Laura Dern.
Melissa made an appearance on Andy’s Watch What Happens Live TV chat show on Wednesday (05Oct16) and revealed she had been contacted by Angelina’s team about what she had said in the interview.
“There are people whose business it is, whose job it is, to kind of fix things for celebrities,” she said, agreeing with guest Kelly Clarkson the person who called her was like Kerry Washington’s “fixer” character Olivia Pope in TV series Scandal.
“I understand (why she was called) because sometimes we say things,” she explains. “I haven’t seen Brad forever and certainly not seen him since he got married, is with, Angelina and every time I say something, it gets out there and turned around and twisted and all of a sudden I’m saying things about her.”
To address the problem, Melissa decided to write a song called The Fixer Blues about the drama in the dressing room before she came out on the show.
Lyrics include, “I have not seen my friend in over 10 years and I swear I have never, ever, ever, ever met his wife” and “I ain’t picking a fight, none of my business who’s wrong and who’s right.”
Addressing the fixer, she adds, “I hope you understand that to scandalise was never my plan” but explains it’s just her opinion and she shall remember to pay attention to what she’s saying in the future when discussing a divorce.
Angelina filed for divorce from Brad last month (Sep16). They have six children together.

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