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Melissa George makes over $15 million from her inventions

The former Home & Away star launched a product called Hemming My Way – a set of adhesive straps to alter pants without sewing or ironing – in 2010 and she has now revealed her business venture has been extremely profitable.

She tells Britain’s Live magazine, “I’m not just an actress, I’m a multi-million pound inventor. A few years ago, I came up with something that enables women to alter hemlines… That product has turned over $15 million in the past 10 months.”

George is also working on two other inventions, and hopes to eventually launch a retail chain which offers solutions to everyday problems.

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She adds, “I now have three patents. The other two I can’t talk about because they’re top secret. My next plan is to open retail stores where you can walk in and have them fix the problem in your life. A new button on your shirt to getting your ears syringed – you name it. If you’ve broken up with your girlfriend, there’ll be somebody there to help you through it… My shops will fix your trousers and mend your heart at the same time.”

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