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Metallica’s new track Murder One is a tribute to Lemmy

Metallica’s new album will feature a tribute to late Motorhead star Lemmy.
Appearing on DJ Howard Stern’s satellite radio show on Monday (26Sep16), the band’s frontman James Hetfield revealed Murder One, a new track on the group’s Hardwired… to Self-Destruct album was inspired by the Ace of Spades singer.
“Motorhead had a lot to do with Metallica sitting here right now,” Hetfield told Stern, “but just Lemmy as an entity, as kind of a father figure, he helped us a lot. He was unafraid. And he was a character. And he was himself. And we all respected that so much.
“He did his own thing to the last breath. No matter who you are, how could you not be inspired by that?”
Bandmate Lars Ulrich added, “In the summer of 1981, I followed Motorhead around on tour. That was what made me want to be in a band. When I came back to Southern California and called up James and said, ‘Listen, we’ve got to give this a shot…’ Motorhead is the catalyst.”
Hardwired… to Self-Destruct will be released on 18 November (16).
Lemmy lost a brief battle with cancer in December (15).

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