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Mexican actor Gonzalo Vega dead at 69

Mexican actor Gonzalo Vega has died aged 69.
Gonzalo, a popular star of Mexican TV and film, passed away in Mexico City on Monday (10Oct16), officials at the Mexican Cinematographic Institute announced.
He died after a battle with myelodysplastic syndrome, a form of bone marrow cancer.
One of his most popular recent roles was in the 2013 comedy The Noble Family, in which he played a father who lets his three spoiled children believe he has cut them off from the family fortune.
The part was one of his last, as it came after his 2010 cancer diagnosis, which caused him to temporarily retire from acting and later returned for just a few more brief appearances.
His daughter Marimar, 33, who followed her father into acting told Mexican TV show Today that he would not act again due to ill health. Vega also had another actress daughter, Zuria, 27, and a son Gonzalo Jr.
As well as starring in films, Vega was also widely known for his TV and stage acting. His most notable theatre role was in the play Senora Presidenta, in which he played two female roles.
In addition to his children, he is survived by his wife Andrea. His family were with him when he passed away.

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