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Mexican star Yuri reveals sexual abuse past

Mexican star Yuri has revealed she was a victim of sexual abuse as a child.
The Detras de Mi Ventana star recently became a spokesperson for Mexican organisation Sin Trata, which aims to stop human trafficking in the country.
In an interview with TVyNovelas magazine about her work with the charity, Yuri admits that one of the main reasons she felt compelled to advocate for the group is because she too is a victim of sexual abuse.
“I love my career, my audience, but helping others fills my spirit; I have received so much in these 40 years and one can not be selfish; God has taught me that my life is not just to make people’s hearts happy, but to generate awareness,” Yuri says. “When I was a kid I was a victim of sexual abuse, a man touched me in my private parts and my parents sent him to jail.”
Yuri, who stopped singing secular music in the 1990s to focus on a Christian music career, says that her relationship with God is what has helped her get through the difficult ordeal, and inspired her to come forward with her story to help others.
“I am a warrior and a woman of faith. If God put me here, He has opened the doors for me to help others. I know I’m not going to stop this on my own, but if we all come together and speak up with order and respect, and without pointing fingers, go to those who are suffering and tell them: ‘’We are here, you are not alone,’ I know we can help them move on.”

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