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Michael Buble was advised against producing his own album

Michael Buble was warned he was “nuts” for wanting to produce his own album.
The Canadian crooner is set to release his ninth record Nobody but Me later this month (Oct16), which features the title single and collaborations with Meghan Trainor and Harry Styles. To make the project more of a challenge Michael took on the role of producing it too, which didn’t go down well with others in the industry.
“There was a year-and-a-half of me not sleeping. I spent months with people telling me I was nuts for producing it myself,” he recalled to Britain’s Evening Standard newspaper. “Previously, with a jazz standard, I would have gone in with a producer who would have put down the big band to a click track, then have me sing the song 13 or 14 times. Then he would have taken that and cut the vocals together. Listen, it was slick, it was beautiful, people really liked it. But I felt I could go into the room and do less – and by doing less it could be more.”
Michael has stepped away from the swing sound that made him famous for this record, even tapping Black Thought from hip hop band The Roots to lend his vocals for song Nobody but Me. Although the singer was worried about how fans of his would react to the finished result, having already “categorised” him in their own minds, he was keen to fight against stereotypes – even after being advised against it.
“Even up to the night it got mixed I had people calling me saying: ‘You must get that version off the record. People will never accept it,’” he sighed. “It became this thing. I had someone tell me unequivocally that if I did it I could say goodbye to half my audience in America.”
Luckily his new track has been well-received and his fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the new material, which is due to drop on 21 October (16).

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